Story originally published on 4/21/17 on lakecentralnews.com

Looking for something new to undertake in her middle and high school career, Makeda Ellis (10) decided to attempt shot and discus on the girls track team. After training her eighth grade year, Ellis grew a strong love for this sport and decided to continue practicing in high school.

“I’ve been throwing shot since eighth grade. I started it because it was something different and it interested me,” Ellis said.

Beginning her third year of training, Ellis set goals for herself and hopes to accomplishing them.

“My ultimate achievement would be breaking the school record for shot. I set my goals based on previous meets. All I do is try to improve every meet,” Ellis said.

Being involved in the girls track team means going through many hours of practice, hard work and dedication, but Ellis still finds many positives to look at throughout the season.

“My favorite part of this sport is the people I do it with. My teammates are always uplifting and cheer us on at every meet. The coaches just want us to do our very best and teach us the best way to do it,” Ellis said.

Ellis has had many coaches to help her along the way and to give advice, so she applies these skills to all her meets.

“The best advice I was given was to not try to win every meet, but to do my best every meet and just improve for myself. To prepare for meets I just make sure to not let my nerves get the best of me and try to stay calm,” Ellis said.



Scout: Vivianne Tartareanu

This page was my first scout page ever.  It was interesting to see a glimpse of what the year would be like.  This page was an interesting and fun page to start the year with.  During this page I helped with Vivianne’s interviews.


Story originally published on 11/16/16 on lakecentralnews.com

This year, Lake Central has set up an Intramural volleyball league for students to play in during after school hours. Intramurals are recreational sports organized within a particular institution, usually an educational institution, or a set geographic area.

“I thought it was a great time to get out with some friends and family and play some fun volleyball,”  Maxwell Rosenbaum said.  (10)

Students got to pick their own teams and team names, then split a cost of $120 dollars between all the players to participate. Teams could have four to 14 players.

“I would absolutely recommend this to people because it’s a really fun thing to do and to get together with people and you can just have fun with it,” Alexa Sherlund said. (10)

Lake Central is planning on continuing this throughout the year with different sports such as football, ultimate frisbee and much more.

I think this would be a good experience for everyone to do and just come out to have fun,” Matthew Fundich said. (10)

During these games students come together as one, pushing each other to do their best and work as a team to come out on top.

“If i had to describe my team in one word it would be dedicated because we’re always ready to play, we always have team spirit and keeping each other up i’ve never seen more energy on a court,” Alexa Sherlund said.


Story originally published on 10/12/16 on lakecentralnews.com

The varsity boys soccer team defeated Gavit in their first sectional game of the season on Wednesday, Oct. 5. The boys played showed good offense and pulled out a win with a final score of 9-0.

“We got more confidence out of this game. We just needed to get past the first game to face our real competitor, Highland. Saturday will be our big game,” Michael Bikos (11) said.

Throughout the game, the boys kept a lead on Gavit and played great offense.

“It was an easy game. I have no questions for our offense. The other team’s defense was just bad,” Michael Bikos (11) said.

Going into the second half, the Indians were winning with a score of 6-0 and were preparing to continue to play a good game in the second half.

“We went out there today, and we had a couple things we wanted to accomplish as far as structure and organization. I thought the kids did a nice job being able to achieve some of those. There were a few times I thought they lost focus, and I wanted to remind them what our expectations were and what we were trying to get out of today, but overall they did well,” Coach Jereme Rainwater, Vocational, said.

The boys finished the game strong and scored three more goals in the second half. They are now preparing for their second game on Saturday, Oct. 8, against Highland.

“We’ve played a lot of good games throughout the season to prepare us for this tournament game. We’ve done an awful lot during training, which is probably a better read of what it’s going to take to get us to the next level. I’m impressed that those Gavit kids came out here and were working hard and trying as hard as our guys, so hats off to those guys. I’m awful impressed with them as human beings and kids,” Coach Jereme Rainwater said.


Story originally published on 10/12/16 on lakecentralnews.com

Hailey Phelps (12) is an aspiring minister trying to make a difference in the world.  She currently inspires the kids in Young Life student ministry and is looking forward to continue this in her future.

“After graduating from Lake Central, I hope to move to Tennessee and go to Johnson University to study youth ministry and preaching. I will also get a minor in Bible studies,” Phelps said.

Finally deciding what she wants to do in the future, Phelps is now looking into different schools and preparing to leave what has been her home for the past four years.

“Johnson is my top school, and I’m also looking into Wheaton University, Olivet University and Indiana Wesleyan University,” Phelps said.

Although starting a new chapter in her life can be very exciting, taking new steps also includes fears.

“My biggest fear going into the future would be making money because youth ministers don’t make a lot of money. I’m a girl, so the chances of getting a job are a little bit smaller than if I were a guy.   I’m super scared of digging myself into debt and not being able to get out or not being able to support myself or my family if it comes to that,” Phelps said.

Phelps wouldn’t be where she is today if it weren’t for many close friends and mentors who help her along the way and inspire her to strive for her best.

“My biggest influences would definitely be Greg Lee [pastor at Suncrest Christian Church] and Will Ellis, my youth pastor, also Bredon Folk [my first youth pastor] because he is who got me started in my faith,” Phelps said.

Phelps has had a long journey so far and an even longer one ahead.

“I started going to church when I was a freshman, and I fell in love with it. Eventually, I started teaching fifth graders in the church and that really got [me] thinking about making a career of it. I recently went to a camp called CIY Move, and it just locked in for me that I wanted to do something bigger than the normal,” Phelps said.


Story originally published on 4/25/17 on lakecentralnews.com.

On April 20, students gathered in the library after school to attend Open Mic club. This club is all about students sharing their artistic abilities to their peers.

“I noticed that there were a lot of students that have great artistic ability and they have no place where a crowd can come and enjoy  their ability in music, poetry and singing, so I carried on this club from an alumni now. Someone who graduated last year and ran this club last year passed it down to me, and so that’s why I want to carry on this club,” Mason Crawford (11) said.

Open Mic club is a place for students to go and enjoy spending time with their friends.

“I like the atmosphere. It’s really chill and laid back. You don’t have to worry about getting made fun of or whatever you just get to be yourself. The fact that you don’t have to perform in order to be here, you can just chill out and be with your friends,” Ava Solas (9) said.

The club meets every Thursday in the library for an hour and they take turns performing while others sit and drink hot chocolate and eat cookies.

“Just come and watch people perform and you don’t have to come here and perform every time or ever, just come here and enjoy people’s abilities. You’re doing something not a lot of people spend their time doing and that’s amazing in its own way.  You’re doing something great,” Crawford said.

Many students become nervous walking into a new club they have never been before, but this club was made to have a welcoming environment.

“It gives them a social gathering as well as a place to express artistic ability in poetry, music, singing and stand up comedy,” Crawford said.

Hi, my name is Madison Sandoval and I am a sophomore. This is my first year on staff and I’m very excited to continue practicing my photography and journalism skills. I am on Lake Central’s cheer and track team and I love to hangout with my friends!

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