Scout: Burn Baby Burn

This page was so much fun because it was something new and goofy to do.  I loved talking to students about embarrassing stories they had to tell.  During this page I helped interview students and find photos people had taken of themselves in the past.


Scout: Schools Just Want To Have Funds

This page although stressful was a great learning experience.  I learned so much about all the funds that go into our ginormous school.  During this page I interviewed people from our school bored who are in charge of school funds.

Scout: The Daily Grind

This page was all about the different places around our community people like to go and enjoy a cup of coffee. On this page I helped take some pictures of local coffee places and I also interviewed students about which coffee shops were their favorites.

Scout: Vivianne Tartareanu

This page was my first scout page ever.  It was interesting to see a glimpse of what the year would be like.  This page was an interesting and fun page to start the year with.  During this page I helped with Vivianne’s interviews.

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